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All American Restaurants Deli And Ice Cream

Our deli & ice cream concept provides for increased sales through two profit centers. Our deli sells high quality hot "toasted" sub sandwiches and traditional deli-style sandwiches with hot soups and other food items normally associated with a deli restaurant.

The ice cream and frozen yogurt portion of the business sells premium high butterfat ice cream and non-fat frozen yogurt. All American frozen treats appeal to a broad consumer base and attract customers from all socio-economic groups and ages.

"Deli" and "Ice Cream" is a great combination with a synergy as deli sales tend to be in the morning and afternoon and tend not to be seasonal while ice cream and frozen yogurt sales are generally in the late afternoon and evening hours.

All American Deli & Ice Cream Shops® are typically located in anchored shopping centers.

All Amercian Ice Cream
All Amercian Frozen Yogurts & Ice Cream

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