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All American Restaurants Franchise Design

Once you have selected your site, we will guide you through the store development and construction process with an All American or Sertinos prototype floor plan, design criteria, equipment list, and complete specifications for construction and décor.

Depending on your requirements, we can put you in contact with our architect to design and draw a complete set of construction blueprints for your store, or you may utilize the services of an architect located in your community using our specifications.

Each of our brands has a unique interior design that has been developed from years of research and experience.

All American restaurants have clean lines, a contemporary feel, prominent windows and appealing color schemes. As a result, your store will have a cheerful feel, as well as a modern, inviting look - a design that makes your customers feel comfortable, while it functions to maximize sales.

Sertinos restaurants are warm, hospitable and intimate with comfortable couches and side chairs with inviting earth tones and artistic wall décor.

Store Design
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